Bananas, Cannoli, & Joy on a Bambike

Trying to be a blogger, yoga teach, mamma, and regular person is absolute bananas. Ba noo noos! I intend to feed the public sophisticated maturity and mind scintillating  truth, but so much of my non statutory holiday day was spent in an insane amount of supercalifragilistic #felixtallulah-looney childsplay that it’s hard to change channels. A mind ef to dream of finding the time to meditate nevermind cracking that evil scorpion. Clock rings 9:54pm. Babe only JUST down. I’m gonna tell you right now...A.) this fresh milk ain’t gonna come daily. B.) tonights banter will have to pass for silk spoken word. Creamy nevertheless. Organic grass fed GF cream, whaat?

Since opening the can of blog-o-worms, I have been noting a distinct resonant shift. Then mindfulness kicks in and whispers...shacklssss! We have to laugh at ourselves in the sense we just love to dig holes. Of course here’s hoping one would actually discover that the rabbit hole was in fact the rainbow and with so much faith we could retrieve the golden apple...or what. The invisible jet? Book of answers? What does it for you? For real. It’s a question to ask. What would one wish to find at the source of the vortex? “Love & Light”? Does that phrase not make you cringe?

As a woman about to leap her forty first lap round the sun, I’m sensing this ever seamless conversation more clearly. I'm more interested in having this conversation with the www.

Maybe sometime down the line I’ll feel this gesture was an egotistical ploy to feel more connected to the outer realm. Nevertheless, it’s so working. Thank you for all the LOVING feedback. I’m all inspired smiles. This is great fun. Calling upon all my so called yoga teacher friends. How do YOU tell the truth?

Is it me? Why is it that the word “map”, or “mapping”, or “mind map” been surfacing quite obsessively lately? TBC. (oh yes i did just link that)

For the divine ladies that attended my orientation class on Embodied Flow at YBB, know that we have merely scratched the surface together. Consider our first session a sole blessing for the sake of Mel's grand opening. We shall continue to dissect the heart through asana and play. Heart to heart on cannoli's and pancakes. 

Ima catch the zzz's soon, but wanted to leave you with Joy on a Bambike. I said yes to coffee at Classified with Robot Heart Joy knowing the liability for adventure factor was pretty high. Once deep into my cup, Joy spoke of her historical pages weaving its way into the present like a ...present. Enter, Karta on his Bambike joyride debut. We caught first glimpse of his latest creation. Paint possibly wet n all. It was not till after I arrived back home did I realize that i not only knew Karta from a past life, but do recall falling asleep on his houseboat -not in his bed- once upon a blue moon. Too beyond his youth to be an indigo child...but let's call him an amber prodigy in his quest for bamboo consciousness. Clad from hairdo to bike pedal in his own bamboo creations-yes, the fashions too! Work! ( I didn't want to say toe coz I know he was facing the amputation of his leg back in 06? Was it?)  Don't hate if I dare say global nomad at his finest. This being is SHIFTING consciousness. Clock strikes 11:53, I'll leave you to Karta's own words in an interview circa 2013. Catch Karta's bamboo threads in the upcoming Chai Wan Mei Village Event Hosted by Tangram & Spottly. More on Joy to come.

Press PLAY :

"On the dark and troubled sea,
You gave me the light,
And now I'm sailing so fast and free,
Leaving stormy skies behind me!

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Bang to the beat of the Bam Bam

Three short weeks ago, Melanie and I were lingering on our mats after a divine session with Joakim. This girl was glowing when she spoke of her dream to open up a space. DO IT! Do it. Melanie, you go! Mel sort of giggled under her breath, "I am.". She happen to be secretly picking up the keys to Bam Bam, and I was the first person she didn't want to tell...just yet.

You see, Hong Kong deserves more organic corners of free space. When I say that, I refer to a vibrancy in community where lines are blurred and we are left liberated to our senses. Bam Bam did it today with full representation of our kind kula. All teachers taught 30 minute orientation classes ranging from aerial arts to yoga, children to, well...big children. I took a class with the ever hilarious Victor Chau who had me wheel barreling like a donkey all over the floor. had to be there. Photo sure to follow. Yikes.

Reactions were consistent with awe and laughter. True family style.

Reactions were consistent with awe and laughter. True family style.

Boom Boom Food turned out fresh Jamaican vegetarian cuisine.

Boom Boom Food turned out fresh Jamaican vegetarian cuisine.

This one's for the 108 girls who drooled all over my  "Universal" leggings .

This one's for the 108 girls who drooled all over my "Universal" leggings.

"When we breathe into and out of the remembrance of our hearts together, together we can up level the electromagnetic frequency that can create a shift." -Tara Judelle

This is the most potent and crucial aspect in creating a space. I do believe Yoga Bam Bam has made it clear that they are all heart. We blessed the school in today's Embodied Flow class by directing attention to our hearts and how it birthed us into existence. Anatomical lyric to the beat of a baby's heart, we sensed the organs that support our center realm of feeling and expanded from that place. We shall delve deeper into the heart later this week.

For mind blowing heart realization watch this, and please do comment on this post if you were just as floored as i was. FYI, Tara Judelle showed that vid to us mid class one day as we were practice "labbing" to the double one does.

My soundtrack of the day :

from "Higher Love" Lyrics :
I could light the night up with my soul on fire
I could make the sun shine from pure desire
Let me feel that love come over me
Let me feel how strong it could be



Embodied Flow @ Yoga Bam Bam
Thursdays 6:45-7:45pm & Sundays 10-11am.
Book a class here :

I wish to see you all in class as we step deeper into the chambers of our being.
Please let me know if a time would better suit your practice needs.

In Love,

Yoga Bam Bam buddies.

Yoga Bam Bam buddies.