Did you know?

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YO! My name is May aka Snapboompow, Ahhmay, Maya, Marjorie, Maymentum, Maybackmusik, Aunt Jahmaymay, Maybe, Mayhem. What are your names? :)

All things have a beginning.
But where does the story really begin?
How do we know what we know?

Like anything being born, there is an element of excitement but also a great sense of vulnerability. Bear with me as I calibrate to the etiquette of the grand blog-o-sphere. Exposing my story is something I've endeavored internally for quite some time but needed to do so when the timing was right. Sort of like how our thoughts run faster than our mouth can birth the appropriate words, consider my blog entries more like infinite strands webbing inquiry and answer. I have finally made a move to share openly the soundbites, ideas, inspiration, and moreover the curiosities stemming from my heart. The intention driving sincerity behind my words is the idea that my daughter should grow up and read these pages one day. I wish for her to know her connection to this body, this existence, this complex world of varying perspectives. I wish for her to have a broad perspective on where she came from. In doing so, I hope that Soultrains makes YOU feel something beautiful on the inside.

Like this video made me weep with realization : "Did you know how you were born?"

Let's connect, converse, collaborate, digest, express, then let it all go.

In Love,